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Beautiful graphs will ultimately not change how a business operates. Crisp, actionable insights will. Beyond a metric, you need to get to business impact. Save the customer promise. Up your customer service game. Trim flows from the new warehouse. Save a business relationship and take it to new heights based on objective facts. We know. We spend time and dedication in the frontline in truly demanding situations to make sure our platform gets your job done with less effort.

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We have combined capabilities that put understanding and control at your fingertips. We believe you shouldn’t compromise between high-level summaries and operational detail. With Centiro Perspective, you don’t have to – you always have both. Zoom without effort from overview and crisp, high-level performance summaries to minute detail with a click. Act on what you find, all with real-time connectivity across your supply-chain. Centiro gives you control-tower power to act on insight, catalyzing your other investments in process and systems. Don’t replace. Add Centiro Perspective.


Order journeys span from one-leg final mile distribution to complex, multi-leg, multi-partner and multi-mode supply chain processes. Your challenge to control business activity and manage the customer promise varies over time. Centiro Perspective surfaces information with ease from all network locations to get you the full picture – from various inhouse sources across your network of outsourced partners. Real-time, and on the move. You want to stay on top of your business game and worry less about technical detail. You want to see processes, performance and find hotspots to drive action and stay on the right side of success. Centiro Perspective will take you there – end to end.

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