AI Empowered.

Simply Smarter.

Time to level up! New technology changes the game how businesses and Supply Chains can be analyzed, understood and improved. Data driven innovation revolutionizes how processes can be designed and executed. Centiro Convergence makes sure you can tap into this revolution, on your terms.

The power of connecting the dots and using smart technology? 1+1=3000

Centiro Convergence is state-of-the-art Big Data and AI Technology embedded in the Centiro Platform. Take advantage of new opportunities for Advanced Data Analytics, RPA – Robotics Process Automation, and AI through core Centiro modules. Relieve your own Tech- and Data Science teams from inventing from scratch. Time is a key currency and we believe anything that can be automated, should be.


Tap into the real-time data lake for operational analytics. Combine with your own data to reach even deeper insights. Setup real-time data feeds into other data lakes or systems. Available, accurate, and consumable data-sets connect to popular BI-suites in minutes. We take basic and tedious things off the table so you can focus to improve your business. Run better. Be smarter.

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Easy to Start.
Power to Scale.
Simply Smart.

Within our mission as a business, we welcome and advance the use of these technologies. At the same time, it comes with challenges and great responsibility. We are committed to doing the right thing, to play fair. To define what ethical fairness means in the field of AI.

Centiro has taken a stance on how we harness new technology to do things right. It’s in our Code of AI Ethics.

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