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Centiro winners in Employer Branding Awards

Centiro was awarded Newcomer of the Year at Universum's Employer Branding Awards 2020! Niklas Hedin CEO and Åsa Beronius CHRO at Centiro accepted the award. 

During the ceremony, both companies and individuals who have done "the little extra" are awarded for building a strong Employer Brand toward Young Professionals. 

Niklas Hedin says "We are happy to get this acknowledgment as we have been working with Employer Branding and being a great place to work for our colleagues since day one. The true power of Centiro comes from our passionate people. Something you immediately notice when you meet us."  

Åsa Beronius continues "This award is a testament to our colleagues positive commitment. We listen to each other and find that we have a tremendous engagement, not only within, but also outside of Centiro. Our culture is not on a piece of paper - our colleagues are the ones who upholds the Centiro way, together, every day. 

About Universum Awards 
Universum's Employer Branding Awards are held yearly and intends to pay tribute to the employers and individuals who with all their heart put extra work on building a strong Employer Brand towards talent in Sweden. This year's winners think in new ways and dare to show the way for successful Employer Branding work that aims to attract the colleagues of the future. 

Universum's Jury Motivation 
"This company has worked with Employer Branding questions in a remarkable way and reached very strong results. They show a large portion of energy and positive enforcement in strengthening the Employer Branding-questions internally. Their communication paints a broad and clear picture which attracts a lot of talent. It is almost impossible not to feel their energy, knowledge and ambition in their work. This company is a perfect role model for all who work with Employer Branding!" Read more about Universum at




Work & Culture

Great Place to Work Legend™ Centiro - One of the Best Workplaces in Europe 2020

I am happy and proud to announce that Centiro was announced on the Best Workplaces in Europe 2020-list for the tenth year! The prize was awarded by Great Place to Work®, the global authority on workplace culture.

We have previously received the prestigious title, Great Place to Work Legend™ for our dedicated and long-term approach to its workplace culture efforts. Centiro’s conscious efforts relating to culture and leadership, and our focus on people have resulted in high rankings in Sweden as well as Europe since 2010.

The fact that Centiro placed on the Best Workplaces in Europe-list again and again, is a true testament to how we practice and live our culture every day. If there ever was only one quality to define the Centiro culture, it would be Relaxed Seriousness. It’s a razor-sharp aptitude for problem solving, combined with a personal and relaxed touch. That’s what a high-performing organization is about – a team of committed people acting with equal parts heart, mind and backbone.


Centiro has been a proponent of self-governing teams for a long while. This approach utilizes the drive and potential of each employee and allows many decisions to be made by the employees themselves. The result is sustainable growth – We currently employ just shy of 400 people in six countries and continues to enjoy growth averaging 30 percent per annum. Financial results and growth have a clear correlation with corporate culture strategies and the ability to keep up with changes in the market. Centiro sees a colleague as a whole and values long-term relationships with colleagues, customers, and partners. These are some of the common denominators for the workplaces around the world that have been designated as a Great Place to Work®.


The list of Europe's best workplaces is based on the biggest workplace study of its kind in the world. More than 2,800 organizations comprising 1.46 million employees from 19 European countries participated in the study, which is based on feedback from employees and information from senior managers about employee value proposition and company culture. The list identifies those organizations that are best prepared to produce great results and profitable businesses.





The Coming Retail Returns Tsunami

Going into 2020, the retail world was already dealing with tremendous growth in merchandise returns. 

Driven by increased online sales coupled with customer friendly return policies, these factors are creating an ever-growing financial strain on retailers.

By the end of 2019 this figure had reached over $1 trillion worldwide. Every return is a pressure point on retailers’ margins. Even if the item can be resold, the increased handling of the items chips away at the margin. If items must be discounted, this further exacerbates the problem. How are retailers to deal with this coming tsunami?

Read leading industry firm IHL’s latest research on the topic, learn the five key aspects retailers need to consider when it comes to handling returns. 





Work & Culture / News

Over 2000 people injured from gunshots every single day and what we can do about it

Let's take a stand against gun violence. Today and every day.
IM (Individuell Människohjälp) collaborates with Centiro to enable tracking of the processes around Humanium Metal – from melted down weapons to new products and peacemaking activities.

Humanium Metal is an initiat ive by IM where confiscated illegal weapons in violence-affected countries are transformed into enriched metal –which is then sold on to leading designers and brands.

Today, Humanium Metal is used in everything from watches to artwork, with the profit made going into IM’s development work in violence-affected countries.

"It is hugely important for us that private companies such as  Centiro are involved and contribute their skills and resources. Our partnership means that we can develop the Humanium Metal project and thereby bring about further change in the countries where we operate,"says Martin Nihlgård, Secretary General at IM.

The process around Humanium Metal involves many steps, from melting down the materials all the way to a finished product in the consumer’s hands. It’s a challenge to know the whereabouts of raw materials and products in the chain, and how to move them in the best way possible. And this is a field in which Centiro has considerable experience, both with its software and wider expertise within the company.

"At a time when sustainability, circular models and the issue of how to create a better world are all in the spotlight, entering into a partnership with Humanium Metal feels perfectly natural. The idea of getting rid of illegal weapons and at the same time creating a multitude of new benefits is absolutely right. Together we can help IM’s idea gain traction as well as simplify the practical aspects of managing a fairly complex value chain across the entire world. My colleagues and I are proud to contribute to the success of Humanium Metal", adds Niklas Hedin, CEO Centiro.

When buying a product made by Humanium Metal, it is possible to track the origin of the actual raw material with the Centiro Solution. The next step is make this feature available on for all consumers. 

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Work & Culture / News

Centiro ranked no 5 among IT-students in Sweden

Centiro made it to the Top 10-list and placed number 5 when Karriärföretagen asked IT-students to rank the most attractive workplaces in Sweden.

Our placement is truly a confirmation that all the effort we have put into our workplace and culture to stay relevant for young professionals who shape our future pays off!

Karriärföretagen’s goal is to guide students towards a promising future career. Each year they post a Top 100 list of companies who have the best career- and development possibilities for young talents, where Centiro qualified earlier this year. Now the students have ranked all these companies according to who they think is the most attractive workplace and where they would like to work.





Centiro + Zalando switch gears

Centiro enables Zalando to Accelerate Support for Brands and Retailers during Corona-virus Crisis.

In the midst of the crisis, it has become evident that the retail industry is severely impacted. With lock-downs in several countries and less-to-no orders, brands are struggling with generating vital revenue.

Stronger Together
With its delivery cloud platform, Centiro supports Zalando, Europe’s leading online platform for fashion and lifestyle, in onboarding physical stores to its Connected Retail Program. In the light of the current crisis, Centiro and Zalando quickly switched gears to make sure the program could scale faster. 

The corona outbreak has catapulted the retail-community in accelerated and unprecedented challenge and change. Built on our longstanding partnership, we are proud to catalyze and help Zalando’s Connected Retail program speed up with network technology to connect the onboarded store with consumer-focused delivery networks, coupled with Zalando’s undisputed capability to sell online. It allows for classic retail and progressive online business to co-exist, collaborate and thrive with the best of both worlds for the consumer. It’s sustainable innovation, and in these times, a generous gesture from Zalando for a greater good. I see it is an inspiring example of how we become stronger together” says Niklas Hedin, CEO Centiro.

A Special Offer
With Connected Retail, Zalando is opening its platform to physical retailers, enabling them to fulfill orders from Zalando customers and ship parcels directly from their stores. Connected Retail is open to every retailer and brand with physical stores, as long as they offer products sold on Zalando. The program is currently available in Germany and the Netherlands. To support physical retail even better during the current crisis, Zalando is offering special conditions to its partners. Dr. Carsten Keller, VP Direct-to-Consumer, Zalando SE explains

The lock-down has strongly affected brick-and-mortar retailers all across Europe. With Connected Retail we aim to be part of the solution. In order to support retailers in these difficult times, we have decided to fully waive commissions and accelerate payouts to retailers. Over the past weeks we have received hundreds of requests from retailers to join the Connected Retail program. Centiro is a trusted and competent partner in enabling retailers to quickly ship orders from their stores.

Connected Retail
If you want to know more about Zalando Connected Retail, please click here.

For more information, please contact
Niklas Hedin, CEO of Centiro
Phone: +46 (0)33 297 700



Work & Culture / News

Great Place to Work Legend™ for the second time

Centiro placed 9th on the 50-249 Employee Category when the best places to work in Sweden 2020 were announced.

The prize was awarded at the Great Place to Work® Awards Digital Gala, which was held on April 21st.

When Sweden’s best places to work were announced, Centiro also received the prestigious title Great Place to Work Legend™ for the second time, for its dedicated and long-term approach to its workplace culture efforts. The company’s conscious efforts relating to culture and leadership, and its focus on people have resulted in high rankings for the past eleven years.

At Centiro we think differently. We have designed the organization for a warm and inviting culture without managers or departments yet rich with mandate and confidence, which also results in high performance. The idea is almost annoyingly simple - everyone has the chance to contribute with their own set of skills. You are not valued by a role or title - everyone is equal, everyone has the opportunity to develop to their own potential. The commitment and joy of collaboration between our colleagues empower new ideas, knowledge and energy that provide extraordinary performance and results as well as a wonderful climate that includes our customers. With our servant leadership principle, we see a clear connection between employee satisfaction, market leadership and results” says Niklas Hedin, CEO of Centiro.

Centiro has been a proponent of self-governing teams for a long time. This approach utilizes the drive and potential of each employee and allows many decisions to be made by the colleagues themselves. The result is sustainable growth – Centiro currently employs over 300 people in four countries and continues to grow at an annual rate of 25%. Based on a holistic view, Centiro values long-term relationships with employees, customers, and partners. These are some of the common denominators for the workplaces around the world that are bestowed with the title Great Place to Work®.

The Sweden’s Best Workplaces prize is split into three categories: small, medium and large organizations. The lists of Sweden’s Best Workplaces are based on a range of factors, including a survey of company employees who indicate their attitudes towards their workplace.

For more information, please contact
Niklas Hedin, CEO of Centiro
Phone: +46 (0)33 297 700



Work & Culture / News

MästarGasell to Centiro

For the sixth time, Dagens Industri has named Centiro a Gasell Company. In addition, the company is awarded the prestigious recognition MastarGasell."I am incredibly happy and proud, above all of my colleagues that made this possible. A Gasell is an honor in itself and to qualify for a sixth and also to make MästarGasell is exotic" says Centiro's CEO Niklas Hedin. "Centiro has always been about exploring. We want to see how far we can take our ideas, and our customers are always with us on that journey, which is the basis for our growth. We have joint ambitions where development, profitability and sustainability over time, are in focus" continues Niklas.

About DI Gasell
The Gasell survey of Dagens Industri ranks Sweden's most successful companies. The survey is based on the companies' four latest annual reports. Less than 1 percent of Sweden's limited companies meet the requirements for being called a Gasell Company. In order to be appointed Gasell, the company must meet all the criteria. In addition, DI does an overall assessment of the company where additional parameters, such as showing sound activities, are weighed in.

Criteria for DI Gasell
1. Net sales in excess of SEK 10 million, according to the latest annual report.
2. At least ten employees, according to the latest annual report.
3. At least doubled its turnover, when comparing the first and last year in the four year period.
4. Increased their sales every year for the last three years.
5. A positive overall operating result for the four latest financial years.
6. Essentially grown organically, not through acquisitions or mergers.
7. Healthy finances.

A MästarGasell has qualified as a Gasell Company for three years or more.





Global Consumer Survey

Retailers know the problems they are facing: Customers have the answers to solve them!
Today’s retail environment is more complex than ever, given the rise of e-commerce and a rediscovery of the age-old truth that “the customer is king”. 

Retailers across the globe are challenged with demands for both personalisation and convenience, balanced with consumer skepticism on data privacy. In the recent Global Consumer Survey, JDA Software and Centiro interviewed 12,000 consumers in key global markets to identify consumer trends.

The 2018 Global Consumer Survey unveils compelling statistics around consumer preference towards in-store shopping experiences versus online, in addition to shopping preferences by demographics and much more. Download the results of the 2018 Global Consumer Survey to learn more!

Download Global Report  
Download European Report  

A partner to win

We picked Centiro because
they can help us win.
We think different. About a lot of things. About how cutting-edge supply chain technology advances market leadership. How we lead, inspire and engage people.

We nurture constant curiosity to explore. Relentless drive to overcome challenge.

Created to do more, to do different. We are Centiro.

Our business exists to do more. For all stakeholders involved including Mother Earth. We believe in positive impact in all aspects of a sustainable business. It is better for all of us. Today and every day.

Purpose Driven Commitment

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Work is an essential part of life. We believe you should pick your workplace with great care. Relaxed seriousness is at our core. We incite, challenge, nurture and unleash. So you can be the full professional you. It is the power of You+We.

Work with Us

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Surface the right selection of delivery services at the right time. In real time. Inform and engage the customer across the delivery journey. Close the loop with smart and smooth returns. Success is easy. Make promises you can keep -keep the promises you make.

Full Circle Brand Experience

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Connect stores, warehouses and shipping locations with carriers, delivery networks and service providers with our Delivery Management Cloud. First- or final mile – our portfolio of global and local carriers, agile implementation and extensions that pack a punch will get you to market in style in no-time.

One Platform to Connect them all

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Success does not live on a dashboard. Success is how quickly you can turn data through insight to action with impact. To move from overview to uncluttered details that matter with precision of a razor. To act with control and confidence. Centiro Perspective connects all your dots to actionable insights on real-time supply-chain performance, combined with control-tower power to act at your fingertips.

See all. Know all.

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Freedom to capture financial activity from one site or across the global landscape. Smooth and automated control over transport activity, revenue and cost. Precision to work with cents, scale to handle the millions. AI and automation to work hands-on, or off.

Smooth to Improve

Read more   

You urge to change and run your business better. You’re passionate to up your supply-chain game. Centiro Convergence and smart data is the engine and fuel to understand, predict and automate. It’s on the top of the bucket list for innovation efforts with data at the core - available, accurate and consumable.

Easy to start. Power to scale. Simply Smarter.

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One Platform to
Connect them all.

Physical business and supply chain unlock new capabilities with a Digital Twin, just as Yin completes Yang. When warehouses, stores, service points, carriers, gig-networks connect in a seamless flow, magic happens and business opportunities arise.

A business needs to change fluently with the market. It needs connectivity between physical and digital to enable and orchestrate new levels of service. It requires crisp insight, control and flexibility to change. It’s thirsty for smart data.

We help finer supply chains get connected with delivery- and service networks, to run better and smarter. We are passionate to help them to actionable insights and business impact. We thrive to make business critical data available, accurate and consumable to make a difference. We embrace and invite you into our award-winning company culture to create more. You+We.

More than a Tech Provider.
More than an Innovation Partner.
We are Centiro.

Fluent as Silk.
Solid like a Rock.

You urge to change and run your business better. You’re passionate to up your supply-chain game. Then, there are a few things that shouldn’t be on your mind.

Things like a cloud that connects and reach everywhere you operate. Like blazingly fast technology that slashes milliseconds for a smooth consumer experience. Like embedded AI that helps you get smarter every day.

Robust, industrial grade apps that build on 20+ years’ experience of mission-critical operation. Yet, so fresh it adopts to new insights and market impulses several times per day.

Innovative Flow.
Disciplined Sting.

With Centiro, we don’t feel like we’re two companies. We feel like one seamless team.

One site or hundreds. A handful of orders in a store or millions from a warehouse.

Leading from idea to concept through to production requires discipline, choreographic beauty and skills of good craftsmen.

Your focus on business impact zooms from minute detail to the broader strategic lines. We get it. It all needs to flow and sting in the right places. And it needs to move the needle.

Perhaps you knew we both flow and sting. Perhaps you want to talk to one of our customer references about how our engagement model for implementation always deliver. Then you’ll know.

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